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Hiking, May 2014

A week or so ago, I went hiking at Notchview in Windsor, MA, a property maintained by The Trustees of Reservations. It’s a beautiful, 3000+ acre area at about 2000 ft elevation, open year-round to the public for hiking and skiing. It’s … Continue reading

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Staff Meeting

OK, Body, Mind, Brain, thanks for  showing up this morning. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a couple of issues before we dive into homework. First, good job earlier this week getting some sleep. That was … Continue reading

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How a conversation that never happened changed my career 24 years later

In 1988, at the age of 17, I decided for myself I should go on birth control.  I hadn’t had sex yet.  I wasn’t even dating then. I just wanted to be prepared for when that day came. My sex … Continue reading

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I am from…

For my writing class, we had to write an “I am from” poem based on a poem by Mary Pipher in her book, “Writing to Change the World.” When I first read her poem, I was a bit overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.

Testing, testing… Check one, two…. Check one… check two…is this thing on? Aren’t you all glad you followed me here? Welcome to my latest blogging effort. I’m hoping to make a more productive run at it this time. You, dear … Continue reading

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