Staff Meeting

OK, Body, Mind, Brain, thanks for  showing up this morning. I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a couple of issues before we dive into homework.

First, good job earlier this week getting some sleep. That was much appreciated and seemed to go pretty well. So, that being said, what the hell happened last night. 3 AM? Really? 
Yes, Mind, you have a point. We did keep reading that upsetting book when you said maybe this would be a problem. We won’t do that again. That being said, we’ve read this book already, we already know the outcome in the story; yeah it’s hard to read but we know they survive. But, agreed, we won’t do that again.
Body, you had something to add? Pollen, yes. Feeling like you can’t breathe does make it harder to sleep, certainly. We’ll reassess our allergy meds and try to minimize symptoms and side effects. 
Brain, I know this has been hard on you. The lack of sleep has taken its toll. Hang in there, OK? Mind needs your help with everything that’s been going on but I know you’ve got this.

So, here’s the deal. It’s been busy and you are all working super hard. Thanks for all the hard work. We are almost through this semester, just a few weeks left. Yes, spring is here and between the allergies themselves, the albuterol jitters and the antihistamine haze some days are going to be anxious and cloudy on top of all the usual demands. But, we can do it. We’ve been through 17 years of school, not to mention the other 26 years. We’ve had much harder times and we always come out OK, come out better in fact. So, this is more of the same. Let’s buckle down and get to it. I’ll give you down time when you need it, but I really need you to give me  110% for a few more weeks.
No more whining, no more blaming the others. We’re a team, we need to work like one. 
So, I think that covers it. Any questions? No?
Next order of business then: lunch. What do you want to eat?

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